Diploma of Business

University of Canberra

Tipo de instituição: Universidade/Instituição de Ensino Superior
Nível: Pré-grau
CRICOS: 00212K

The Diploma of Business is an entry level qualification, and will develop your knowledge and skills in a broad range of business-related tasks within a variety of organisational situations and environments. The Diploma offers you a pathway to the second year of a variety of business courses. Substantial credit may also be available in other courses including the Bachelor of Building and Construction Management and the Bachelor of Laws. When you study the Diploma you not only gain credit into your course but you are also supported in the development of your language and academic skills required to ensure ongoing success in your undergraduate studies. The Diploma consists of two to three terms of study (depending on the admission period). Graduating students will have the ability to perform at a level of professional expertise that allows you to confidently enter and contribute to a range of fields including Accounting*, Management, Business, Finance*, Administration and Commerce. (*Credit dependant on units studied in diploma and if seeking industry professional accreditation.)

Informações do estudo

CampusTaxasConsumo médio do anoAssiduidade
UC College, Bruce International: $28,100 No
  • Full-time : 1 year

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